Orthodox Church Furnishings is a manufacturer of high quality fine furnishings for Christian Orthodox Churches.

We offer hundreds of designs for Orthodox Church furnishings, including Iconostasisand custom made fixtures.
We have become known globally as a genuine manufacturer of excellent fine furnishings. Using craftsmanship in manufacturing, woodcarving and high quality finishing, we strive to ensure the highest quality standards, in order to delivery the very best furnishings.

All our products are hand-carved with motives inspired by the Byzantine’s rich visual, liturgical and theological heritage.
We use solid mahogany wood. Mahogany brings richness of finish that highlights natural grain and depth of color found in all high quality furniture.
Mahogany has been a favorite wood for solid hardwood furniture makers for many centuries. Mahogany furniture polishes to an excellent finish, and has extraordinary characteristics for the skilled craftsmen to work with as it can be carved and turned easily.
The quality of the finish on all our products is exceptional. It is always wise to verify the finishing color especially in situations where it is needed to match the finishing color of existing furnishing and fixtures. Sending color samples of furniture is our standard procedure prior order confirmation.

We will respond to any inquiry from Orthodox Church communities, and prepare a project proposal including design drafts for future consideration and decision making at no charge. We also encourage architects, interior designers and distributors and retailers of ecclesiastical goods to contact us for further information of our trade terms.